The story

You are a police officer who received a call asking for help. In the call you can hear a little girl stuttering the words: "Clove Street, help me" over and over until a scream ends the call. After a brief search in the police files, you find out that the phone number where the call came belonged to an old manor of the village, now abandoned. Thinking it is only a joke of some children in the neighbourhood, you go to the manor to try to scare them and teach them a lesson about this kind of jokes, but nothing of that happened....

Main Features

Highly detailed enviroment

Each zone of the world has been designed taking care of every element of the environment to generate a really immersive horror atmosphere.

Dimension swap

You will be able to swap to the dark dimension to escape from your enemies or find new ways in the dark world, but be careful, there are new enemies, dangers and challenges in the dark dimension!

Immersive storytelling

A great story which will make you experience the actual power of the evil corruption.

No loading screens

Even with the large size of the map you will not waste time waiting on a loading screen while trying to escape the evil.


You won't have any weapon powerful enough to kill the enemies, so you will have to deal with the environment to defeat them, or distract them and save your life.

Spooky sounds and music

The sound is a fundamental part of the horror, and thus each sound has been composed for each moment of the game.

The death isn't everything

Sometimes the enemies won't kill you, but they will add some handicaps to the rest of the game like worse vision or worse hearing.

Challenging puzzles

The puzzles supposes a real challenge for the players, without distract them from the main story.